What Kind of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use?

While McDonald’s is mainly known for its presence in the fast-food industry as one of the most popular burger franchises, coffee has also been part of the McDonald’s menu for quite some time. Even though it may seem strange for a burger joint to sell coffee, McDonald’s coffee has been doing quite well.

Being able to get a cup of coffee from a McDonald’s is certainly quite convenient as it’s possible to find one almost everywhere, which has definitely been a deciding factor for the rise of McDonald’s coffee popularity. That being said, it appears that convenience isn’t the only reason for people preferring to get their cup of coffee from McDonald’s.

Plenty of people prefer to buy their morning cup of coffee from McDonald’s simply because they enjoy the taste, with many choosing the coffee from McDonald’s over coffee from famous coffee chains.

If you’ve been looking to recreate the same taste at your home, you may be wondering what kind of coffee McDonald’s uses for their drinks.

According to our research, the coffee that is used in McDonald’s is supplied by Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, which is a supplier that produces high-quality coffee blends that consist of 100 percent Arabica beans that are grown in various parts of the Coffee Belt.

Can You Buy Coffee Beans From McDonald’s?

We have already told you the supplier McDonald’s gets their coffee from, but it would be even more convenient to get the coffee beans straight from McDonald’s, right?

While it’s not possible to buy the coffee beans directly from a McDonald’s branch, it’s possible to find them in grocery stores and online shops with the name of McDonald’s McCafe. Since the McCafe products can be found almost everywhere, we feel like not being able to buy them directly from a McDonald’s doesn’t create any inconvenience.

Just like regular coffee brands, the McCafe line has plenty of different options such as Premium Roast, Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Colombian, French Vanilla, and Mocha Collection. As you may predict, each of these options represents different roast levels and flavors.

On top of the variety in flavor and roast levels, it’s also possible to find a decaf option in the McCafe line of coffee blends, which is a welcome addition for those who prefer decaf.

If you aren’t a big fan of buying coffee beans and grinding them at home, we have good news for you as well. It’s possible to find McCafe products in ground coffee and K-Cup forms alongside their whole bean coffee, making McDonald’s coffee accessible for everyone, regardless of how they prefer to brew their cup of coffee.

All in all, we feel like McDonald’s went above and beyond in terms of making their coffee accessible for everyone, especially considering that they aren’t mainly a coffee shop.

What Are the Best Drinks on the McDonald’s McCafe Menu?

Since there is a surprisingly wide range of coffee drinks on the McDonald’s McCafe menu, it’s possible to get lost between the choices. 

We decided to list what we think are the best drinks you can find on the McCafe menu for you to try without having to struggle to make a decision.

McCafe Premium Roast Coffee

Premium Roast Coffee is the name for the standard drip coffee at McDonald’s.

You may be surprised to hear this, but the drip coffee at McDonald’s is brewed freshly every 30 minutes, making it possible to get a very fresh cup of black coffee.

In terms of taste, we felt like the McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee doesn’t have any shortcomings compared to coffee that is bought from popular coffee chains, with some of us actually preferring the McDonald’s coffee over the others.

Bottom line, if you are a lover of black coffee, we can definitely recommend giving this drink a try.

McCafe Latte

Black coffee isn’t the only thing you will find at McDonald’s, which is good news for those who prefer milk-based coffee drinks instead.

The McCafe Latte met our expectations in terms of taste and mouthfeel, and we haven’t felt like there is a noticeable difference between it and lattes from coffee shops.

McCafe Americano

The McCafe Americano makes our list as the second espresso drink.

We have been satisfied with the taste of espresso served at McDonald’s, so there is no surprise that Americano is on this list.

If you have been reluctant about trying espresso-based drinks in McDonald’s, feel free to give it a try the next time.

McCafe Iced Coffee

Since the McCafe Iced Coffee is the iced version of the Premium Roast Coffee we talked about earlier, it would be unfair if we didn’t include it.

That being said, you’ll find that this drink has added sugar and cream compared to the regular Premium Roast Coffee, which makes it come with a certain amount of calories.

All things considered, this is one of the lighter iced drinks you will find at McDonald’s, and we feel like it does the job just fine.

McCafe Caramel Macchiato

Of course, we didn’t forget about those who have a sweet tooth.

Out of all the flavored McCafe drinks we tried, we felt like the McCafe Caramel Macchiato was the best one when it came to delivering flavor without being too heavy.

While this drink contains more calories than the other ones on the list, which is to be expected, it’s definitely a nice treat.

Why is McDonald’s Coffee So Good?

While you may be thinking that there is a secret that makes McDonald’s coffee so good, the reasons for McDonald’s being able to serve a cup of coffee that is as good as what you will find at a coffee chain are quite obvious.

Quality Coffee Beans

The first reason behind the success of McDonald’s coffee is the usage of high-quality coffee beans. Even though you wouldn’t expect it from a burger joint, McDonald’s uses coffee blends that are composed entirely of Arabica beans.

While brewing with coffee blends that consist entirely of Arabica beans is standard practice for a lot of coffee shops, it’s rare to find a restaurant that cares enough about the quality of their coffee to commit to buying high-quality coffee beans.

On top of brewing with high-quality coffee beans, McDonald’s also sells the coffee beans that are used in their restaurants, which further proves that they are completely behind their coffee products.

Fresh Coffee

While fresh coffee is something we take for granted at home and coffee shops, finding fresh coffee isn’t easy at a restaurant.

That being said, McDonald’s brews a fresh batch of coffee every 30 minutes to ensure that nobody has to drink a stale cup of coffee.

As we all know the importance of freshly brewing a cup of coffee, it’s no surprise that McDonald’s pulls ahead of its competitors.

As you can see, the reasons behind McDonald’s coffee being successful are no secret. 

Which Roast Level Is Used for McCafe Premium Roast Coffee?

The McCafe Premium Roast Coffee is brewed with medium roasted coffee beans.

Since it’s possible to buy the blend that is used for the Premium Roast Coffee in grocery stores, you’ll notice that the package mentions the coffee beans being medium roasted.

If you’re looking to brew a cup of coffee that is similar to the drip coffee you had at McDonald’s, you can simply buy the Premium Roast Coffee blend.


Thinking of McDonald’s as a reputable source for coffee may feel strange at first due to McDonald’s not being primarily a coffee shop, especially if you have never tried a cup of coffee at McDonald’s before.

That being said, the quality of their products can easily be compared to what you will find at popular coffee chains, which shows us that McDonald’s takes coffee quite seriously after all, to the point where there is a decent amount of people who choose McDonald’s over any other coffee chain for their morning coffee.

Have a great day, and enjoy your coffee!