What Is Vinobrew?

Even if you are a coffee enthusiast, there is a good chance that you haven’t heard of Vinobrew before. Truth be told, we haven’t heard about it until recently either. We discovered Vinobrew while browsing the Internet on a show called “How It’s Made” and thought that it was interesting enough to share with you.

Simply put, Vinobrew is a drink that is produced by combining red wine, craft beer, and cold brew coffee. It is an interesting combination that we aren’t familiar with, which is why it’s understandable that most people would think that there is no way this would ever produce a drink that tastes good.

That being said, it is possible to see that the people (Goathouse Brewing and Wise Villa Winery) behind Vinobrew went through some extensive experimentation before crafting this drink, so there is no wonder that the drink tastes better than it sounds at first. Considering that there is a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to ratios and types of ingredients used, there must have been a long process before the final product was created.

If you’re still interested in this mysterious drink, let’s dive into how you can make it at home.

How to Make Vinobrew?

While the exact process of making Vinobrew involves a lot of professional equipment due to being produced in a brewery, it’s possible to create something similar at home with publicly available ingredients.

Cold Brew

Since Vinobrew is a cold drink, you will require cold coffee. Cold brew is the best way to brew coffee that will be served cold, and it brings the very essence of coffee flavor to the drink without adding any unwanted bitterness that comes from the acidity of other brewing methods.

Making cold brew isn’t the hardest task, but it takes quite a while for it to be ready, which is why you should prepare your cold brew a day before you will be making Vinobrew.

To make cold brew coffee, all you have to do is to steep coarsely ground coffee grounds in cold water for around 12 to 15 hours in a jar that is sealed airtight. Using cold water instead of hot water allows the flavorful components of the grounds to be extracted while leaving the bitterness behind but also causes the brew time to be longer than usual.

When the brewing process is over, simply strain the coffee into another container, and store it in your refrigerator.


Grind size and brew time are very important for your cold brew to turn out well. 

Using a fine grind will most likely cause your cold brew to be over-infused, which gives it a bitter taste. For this reason, grinding your coffee beans coarse is an important step that you shouldn’t ignore.

Both too short or too long of a brewing time can impact your coffee in negative ways. A brewing time that is too short will cause your coffee to turn out weak, whereas a brewing time that is too long will cause a bitter taste. We recommend setting the alarm to ensure that you can conclude the brewing process at the exact right time.


Beer isn’t really what we excel at, but using a dark beer such as a stout or a black IPA seems to be the preference when it comes to Vinobrew. 

Since a Vinobrew consists mostly of beer, ensure that you pick a beer you enjoy. After all, whether you will enjoy the drink or not comes down to personal preference, which is why there is no point using an ingredient that you don’t like.


Red wine is recommended for Vinobrew, so feel free to pick the red wine of your choice.

Just like beer, choosing a wine that you enjoy by itself should prove to be a good call.

Making Vinobrew

When you get all the ingredients together, all that is left to do is to mix them. While we don’t exactly know the percentages that are used to create the original Vinobrew, it appears that the amount of beer makes up for roughly 70-75% of the volume, followed by the wine, which is 20-25%, and finally coffee with the ratio of 5-10%.

Depending on how the drink turns out, you can modify the percentages and optimize your Vinobrew to your preference. Your first attempt will most likely not yield the perfect results, but if you like the direction that the drink is following, you can experiment further and craft the perfect Vinobrew for yourself.


Vinobrew is an interesting combination that is pretty much unheard of before, but we feel like it has potential with a certain degree of experimentation.

If you’re looking to try a completely different drink to spice up your afternoon, it could be fun to try and come up with a Vinobrew of your own.

Have a great day!