Can You Put Buttermilk in Coffee?

As coffee is brewed with hot water, the most standard way of drinking coffee is often drinking it as it is. That being said, it’s very usual for people to add different ingredients such as milk, coffee creamer, or even heavy cream to give their cup of coffee a different mouthfeel and flavor. As the addition of these ingredients is very common, it’s easy to relate them to coffee.

On the other hand, we have even seen things such as eggs, butter, and even salt being added to coffee at times, which are things that we wouldn’t even think of mentioning in the same sentence as coffee, let alone add it to our cup.

Surprisingly, most of these things work quite well with coffee and create unique coffee experiences that would have gone unnoticed if someone didn’t decide to give it a try and see what happens. That being said, it’s also possible to completely ruin the taste of your coffee by adding something uncommon, but that’s what experimentation is all about anyway.

So, what about buttermilk? Considering that things like milk, cream, and butter all work well with coffee, we thought that perhaps buttermilk could also make a good addition to coffee.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Adding buttermilk in our coffee completely ruined the taste and turned it into a sour mess that was pretty much undrinkable. We recommend staying as far as possible from the combination of buttermilk and coffee.

What is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk is a fermented dairy drink that is basically the liquid that is left behind after butter is churned out of sweet cream. While buttermilk used to be made with cultured cream in the past, technological advancements in the front of homogenization caused cultured cream to be replaced with sweet cream instead.

Compared to regular milk, buttermilk has a thicker consistency, fewer calories and fat, and more acidity. For the most part, buttermilk is used as an ingredient for baking things such as cakes, biscuits, pancakes, and more.

In terms of taste, buttermilk is considered to be quite sour compared to the sweeter taste of regular milk.

Why Doesn’t Buttermilk Work with Coffee?

While it feels like that the thicker consistency of buttermilk would go well with a cup of coffee, it’s the sour taste that ruins everything. 

Compared to the slight sweetness of regular milk, the sour taste of buttermilk is very apparent, and it simply doesn’t work with the taste of the coffee. 

While we usually say that taste is a personal preference at the end of the day, we feel like the combination of coffee and buttermilk won’t be able to produce a flavor that could be liked by anybody.

You can give it a try if you are curious, but we would recommend not doing so.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I use as a substitute for coffee creamer?

If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to replace coffee creamer with, there are plenty of different things you can try.

While cow’s milk is the most common option, different milk types such as coconut milk or almond milk are also great additions to your cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for something that will make your coffee even creamier, heavy cream is also something you can use.

If these options aren’t sweet enough for you by themselves, a healthy way of sweetening your coffee is to add a spoonful of honey. While it may take some time to get used to the taste of honey in coffee, it’s a great way to get coffee creamer out of your life. 

What can you put in coffee instead of milk?

If you are tired of adding milk to your coffee and would like to replace it with something different, you can try using half-and-half or heavy cream instead.

If you haven’t heard of half-and-half before, it’s a combination of milk and heavy cream, which gives it a thicker and creamier mouthfeel compared to milk. Think of it as the perfect middle ground between milk and heavy cream.

If these options are also too boring for you, you can go with the more exciting idea of adding ice cream to your coffee instead. Although it’s not something that we see as much as milk in coffee, the combination of ice cream and coffee is quite delicious.

In fact, there is a popular Italian coffee-based dessert called an affogato, which is prepared by pouring hot espresso over vanilla ice cream.


Even though the buttermilk and coffee combination turned out to be a massive failure, we feel like it’s exciting to try new things and find new flavors.

After all, experimentation is the key to discovering unique flavors that haven’t been found out before. If you also have ideas about different things you can add to your coffee, make sure to give them a try, and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn out as you expected. 

Have a great day, and enjoy your coffee!