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Best Iced Coffee Makers of 2021 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for iced coffee. 

We rounded up the best iced coffee makers for home usage, so that you can enjoy your cold beverage without having to go anywhere in the summer heat.

Before we start, we would like to mention that any coffee maker will technically work for preparing iced coffee, but the results may not be too satisfying due to the coffee being too diluted when the ice is added. After all, we want to make iced coffee, not coffee water.

The iced coffee machines we have selected for you will do a better job than ordinary coffee machines when it comes to making iced coffee, as they contain brewing modes which exist for the sole purpose of brewing iced coffee.

We have also prepared a buyer’s guide which will help you understand the reasoning behind our picks, and teach you the key factors to look for when it comes to finding the best iced coffee maker for your own preferences.

The 5 Best Iced Coffee Machines

De’Longhi Dinamica – Enthusiast’s Choice

Looking for a coffee machine that can do it all?

Look no further. 

De’Longhi Dinamica is a super-automatic coffee and espresso machine, capable of delivering a tasty beverage with the press of a button. Simply add your favorite coffee beans or grounds into the machine, and you’re good to go.


The Dinamica is truly a feature-packed coffee maker, allowing you to fine tune everything about your coffee. 

To start off, you are free to use either coffee beans or coffee grounds. If you prefer to use pre-ground coffee, there’s a compartment right next to the coffee grinder which accepts ground coffee. For those who prefer coffee beans, an adjustable coffee grinder is built into the machine. 

For the most part, you won’t need to use the adjusting dial as the machine will grind your coffee correctly according to the configuration you have chosen. That being said, the option is there if you’d like to adjust your grind further.

Depending on your preferences, you’re also able to modify strength of your coffee with a few button presses. There is no manual work involved, which makes for a very smooth and pleasant experience.

The Dinamica also features a milk frother, which means that you can easily make your favorite foamy drink without needing extra equipment. The frother is very simple to operate just like the rest of the machine, requiring you to simply press the frother button, and turn the dial on top of the frothing wand.

Last but not least, let’s talk about what makes this machine really shine compared to other coffee machines in this list.

The Dinamica is a true all-in-one coffee machine, which allows you to make both espresso and drip coffee. This feature makes it a great coffee maker for both families and workplaces where you may end up with some people who enjoy espresso, and some people who enjoy drip coffee. On top of that, it features the best iced coffee setting we have tried on any machine so far.

The iced coffee feature on the Dinamica is trademarked by De’Longhi with the name TrueBrew Over Ice, where the machine follows a different brewing process to prevent the coffee from being watered down. This by itself shows us that De’Longhi designed this machine with iced coffee as a core feature, and not an afterthought.

Ease of use

Using the Dinamica is very easy.

Each button has an icon which represents its function. The icons give a clear idea of what the buttons do, but referring to the manual to see what exactly each icon corresponds to would be a good idea for the first use.

All you have to do to start the brewing process is to press one of the four buttons which correspond to different brew modes.

Please note that the Dinamica has more advanced features which allow you to customize and program your drinks, which you can read more about in the manual if you aren’t satisfied with the factory settings.

Serving sizes

The Dinamica supports custom serving sizes, which means that you can manually adjust the serving size to the volume of your cup.

All you have to do is to hold the button for your preferred brew until the button starts flashing, release the button (at this point the machine will start producing coffee), and then press the button again when desired amount of coffee is served by the machine.

There is another neat feature related to serving sizes, which allows you to make 2 cups of espresso with the press of a button if you’d like. Simply press the 2X button, and the machine will deliver 2 cups of coffee without any extra work.


The Dinamica is pretty compact, especially considering all the features it offers.

With dimensions of 23.6*42.9*34.8 cm for width, depth, and height respectively, it won’t take up too much of your kitchen space. 

The overall build quality is high, and we would expect nothing less from a machine of this caliber. 

Most parts that require cleaning such as the frother, water tank, and drip tray are completely removable, which makes it very easy to keep your machine clean.


This machine definitely does it all, and does it beautifully. 

It is on the pricier side compared to other machines on this list, but comes with features which easily justify its price.

A complete coffee machine with a brilliant iced coffee brew, De’Longhi Dinamica is the best iced coffee maker in our list.


A complete all-in-one coffee machine
Best iced coffee machine we have tried
Easy to operate and maintain


Price may be too high for those who won’t use all of the features

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (CP307) – Best Flexibility

This is an interesting one.

On top of being a Specialty Coffee Association certified coffee machine, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is also capable of making tea, which makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

You love coffee, but your partner prefers tea? 

This machine has you covered.


The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is another feature-heavy product which will satisfy all your beverage needs, whether it’s a warm or a cold drink you’re looking for.

There are 5 different modes you can use on this machine that apply for both coffee and tea, which tells us that this machine is engineered to be equally good at making both coffee and tea, rather than tea being added as a side feature to draw attention. 

The classic and rich modes are for the regular warm coffee or tea experience, with classic producing a milder drink, while the rich mode is for those who prefer a strong beverage.

As for cold options, you can either go with the over ice, or the cold brew modes. 

We really enjoyed the over ice mode, as it produced a flavorful iced coffee which wasn’t watered down at all, just as advertised. This is a coffee website, but it would be unfair if we didn’t mention that we absolutely loved the iced tea as well.

The cold brew mode is definitely an ambitious one, since steeping cold brew takes many hours when prepared traditionally. The machine took around 15 minutes to prepare cold brew, and the results were alright considering the actual time preparing cold brew takes. The drink fell a little flat in the flavor department compared to traditional cold brew, but we fully expected this.

The last mode is specialty brew, which is another warm setting designed specifically for making coffee drinks. Serving size cannot be adjusted for this mode, as it’s meant to produce a concentrated brew of coffee or tea, ready to be mixed with your favorite ingredients.

That will be all for the modes, but we still have more features to talk about.

Starting off, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System features a pretty slick fold-away milk frother for those who enjoy foamy drinks. Unfortunately, the frother doesn’t warm milk, which means that you’ll have to warm it up elsewhere if required.

The next feature is for those who wake up early in the morning, and need a cup of coffee as soon as possible to get going.

Thanks to the programmable clock featured on this machine, you can set a certain time for the brewing process to automatically start. By the time you make your way to the kitchen, your morning coffee will be ready to go.

Last but not least, the drip stop feature. Brewing an entire carafe of coffee takes time, and sometimes you don’t want to wait long. By simply pressing the drip stop button, you can pause the brew, replace the carafe with your cup, get your cup of coffee, put the carafe back in, and resume the brew. 

Ease of use

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is extremely simple to use.

The smart basket where you place your coffee grounds or tea automatically differentiates between the two, and chooses the suitable mode without you having to do anything extra.

All you have to do is to choose the serving size and the brewing mode you’d like to use, which are controlled by two separate dials. The brewing mode dial is also the button for starting and stopping the brewing process.

A progress bar is also featured on this machine, where you can check the progress of your brew if you wish.

Serving sizes

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System features six different serving sizes, which is enough to cover all containers of different sizes.

The serving sizes you can choose are:

  • Cup
  • XL Cup
  • Travel Mug
  • XL Multi-Serve
  • Half Carafe
  • Full Carafe

Please note that the coffee output of a certain serving size will change depending on the mode you have selected. This is how the machine adjusts the strength of your coffee, and prevents it from being too diluted.

In the case of iced coffee, the output compared to classic brew is halved in order to compensate for the amount of water which comes from adding ice.


Coming in at 30*25.4*38 cm for width, depth, and height respectively, Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a quite compact machine.

The build quality of both the machine and the carafe feel great. For this review, we used the model (CP307) with the thermal carafe, and we were pleased with the performance of this carafe. A model with glass carafe (CP301) also exists if you prefer a glass carafe.

The coffee and tea filters, water reservoir, frother whisk, and brew-through lid are completely removable and dishwasher safe, making for a very pleasant experience when it comes to cleaning the machine.

Please note that the carafe is not dishwasher safe, and should only be washed by hand.


The cold brew mode and the ability to brew tea are creative and refreshing ideas which make this machine stand out as a unique product, topped off with great quality of life features designed to make your life easier.

Featuring an intuitive interface and solid components, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a really enjoyable experience no matter what type of coffee or tea you prefer.


Can brew both coffee and tea
Plenty of brew modes to choose from
Intuitive design


Frother doesn’t warm milk.

Braun MultiServe – Easiest To Use

Braun is a brand we are familiar with for a wide range of quality products, and their coffee machine doesn’t disappoint either.

Braun MultiServe is the second Specialty Coffee Association certified coffee maker in our list, capable of delivering a solid brew without hassle.


Braun MultiServe is designed with one thing in mind, which is brewing excellent drip coffee.

There are 4 brew modes featured on this machine, which are light, gold, dark, and over ice.

What these modes do are pretty straightforward from their names except the gold mode, which takes its name from the Special Coffee Association’s Golden Cup standard.

Basically, this is the standard brew mode for the MultiServe, which produces SCA certified coffee with the press of a button.

The buttons for the water temperature is right below the mode buttons, which is definitely a nice touch on Braun’s part for making it very intuitive and easy to decrease or increase the temperature.

The programmable clock which allows you to automatically start the brewing process, and the drip stop feature to pause the brewing process for a short time find their place on this coffee machine as well, which we’ve talked about earlier in the features section for Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System.

Ease of use

Another coffee maker that is very simple to use, Braun MultiServe makes all of its features apparent as soon as you take a look at its interface.

The amount of water required for each serving size is clearly marked on the water container, leaving no room for doubt.

All of the buttons have labels which exactly do what’s written on them.

The slider which is used for hot water and drip stop is once again labeled, leaving no questions about the interface of this machine.

Even the cup shelf is labeled, which makes it pretty much impossible to miss it.

To prepare some coffee, all you have to do is to select the serving size with the dial, and press the button which corresponds to the brew mode you prefer.

Serving sizes

You’re able to choose between seven different serving sizes with Braun MultiServe, which covers a range of different sized containers.

The serving sizes you can choose are:

  • 5 oz
  • 8 oz 
  • 12 oz
  • 16 oz 
  • 20 oz
  • Half Carafe
  • Full Carafe

For the over ice setting, the coffee output will be reduced to make room for the ice, so please ensure that you fill your container with enough ice for an optimal experience. 

Failing to add enough ice may result in coffee being too bitter, as the coffee produced by the over ice mode will be more concentrated.


Braun MultiServe is another compact coffee machine with the dimensions 33*18*38 cm for width, depth, and height respectively.

The build quality of the machine is great, but the carafe could definitely be improved. We felt like the carafe is slightly thin, and also hard to hand wash.

Fortunately, the filter basket, permanent filter, carafe, and water reservoir are all dishwasher safe, so there is always the option to wash the carafe in a dishwasher if needs be.


Braun MultiServe makes it very simple to brew various amounts of tasty drip coffee, to the point where you will most likely never have to open the manual to figure something out.

Combine that with the SCA certified brew this machine produces, and you’ll realize it has never been easier to brew a cup of great tasting drip coffee.


Clear interface, everything is obvious at first sight
One of the few SCA certified coffee machines
Plenty of selections for serving size


Build quality of the carafe doesn’t feel too well

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker (CM401) – Budget Option

Ninja appears on our list for the second time with another SCA certified coffee machine, with a similar product to the CP307 we have talked about earlier. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the CM401 is a lite version of the CP307, as they are pretty similar when it comes to the features they both share.

If you’re looking for a budget option with less extras and just an overall solid brew, Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker will do the job.


Just like its brother Ninja Hot and Cold Beverage System, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker also features the classic, rich, over ice, and specialty modes.

The classic and rich modes are for the regular warm drip coffee experience, with rich mode providing a more concentrated brew for those who enjoy stronger coffee.

Specialty mode is meant to be used to prepare coffee which will serve as a base for coffee drinks, as it always produces a static amount of coffee independent of the serving size you have chosen. This will ensure that your coffee is concentrated enough to not get lost when the other ingredients of your coffee drink is added to the mix.

The over ice mode, as you can imagine, is the mode which you should use to prepare iced coffee. You’ll notice that the amount of coffee is adjusted once again, in order to compensate for the ice in the drink.

We compared the drinks we prepared with this machine to the Ninja Hot and Cold Beverage System, and the results were pretty much the same. We feel like Ninja has done a great job with this machine, eliminating the extra features without damaging the integrity of the brew in this more budget friendly product.

The fold-away frother finds its place on this Ninja product as well, but unfortunately it’s once again unable to provide warm froth.

The delay brew and drip stop features which we have mentioned more in detail for the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System are also featured on this machine.

Ease of use

Using the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is quite easy.

Serving size is chosen with the help of a dial, followed by pressing a button which corresponds to one of the brewing modes. Both the dial and the buttons are labeled clearly with their functionality, leaving no room for doubt.

Pressing one of the brewing mode buttons will start the brewing process immediately, and pressing the button again will cancel the process.

Unlike the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, the drip stop feature is a mechanical slider instead of a button, which is located right in front of the brewing unit, but it is very easy to locate nevertheless. You can see the status of the drip stop feature by looking at the drip stop indicator on the interface.

Serving sizes

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker features six different serving sizes, just like the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System.

The serving sizes you can choose are:

  • Cup
  • XL Cup
  • Travel Mug
  • XL Multi-Serve
  • Half Carafe
  • Full Carafe

Different brewing modes will yield different amounts of brewed coffee in order to provide the required consistency.

For iced coffee, the output compared to classic brew is roughly 40% to compensate for the amount of water which comes from adding ice.


With dimensions of 30.5*22.20*38 cm for width, depth, and height respectively, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is slightly smaller than the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, a coffee machine we already considered to be quite compact.

We were pleased with the overall quality of this machine, and had no problems with the glass carafe either. 

It definitely doesn’t feel like a budget product when it comes to the build quality, so feel free to go for this machine if you’re looking for a coffee machine that will last you for a long time.

The permanent filter, frother whisk, water reservoir and brew-through lid are all dishwasher safe.

Just like the thermal carafe we mentioned in the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System review, the glass carafe is also not dishwasher safe, and should be cleaned carefully.


The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker finds its place on our list as the budget option, but still manages to bring a great brew and solid build quality to the table.

This machine really showed us that budget doesn’t necessarily have to mean a low quality product, as we could easily tell that the price difference between this machine and the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System doesn’t come from a difference in brew or build quality, but from the extra features which don’t exist on this machine.


SCA certified
Competitive price
Brews and feels as good as more expensive machines


Frother doesn’t provide a warm option

Keurig K-Elite – For Coffee Pod Lovers

Pod coffee is a huge fan favorite, which is why we had to include at least one pod coffee maker in our list. 

When we think of pod coffee machines, we think of Keurig, and just as we thought, the Keurig K-Elite is exactly what we have been looking for.

If you would love to have iced coffee but you can’t give up on coffee pods, we have great news for you.


The Keurig K-Elite comes with some nifty features considering that most pod coffee makers don’t really offer a lot of room for customization.

There are three brewing modes you can choose from, which are the regular brew, strong brew, and iced coffee. Being able to opt for a stronger brew is definitely a welcomed feature, and iced coffee is exactly why we are here to begin with.

Both the strong and the iced coffee mode do exactly what they promise, and we enjoyed the iced coffee despite not being huge fans of coffee pods in general.

A new feature called Smart Start is featured on the Keurig K-Elite, which will make a lot of Keurig fans very happy. With this feature, you won’t have to wait for your Keurig to warm up before you can proceed to start the brewing process. You can just go ahead and select your brew size as soon as you power your machine on, and the process will automatically start when the machine is ready.

Another new feature which we aren’t accustomed to see very often is temperature control, which we believe should already be included in all coffee machines. After all, temperature is really a preference thing, and it gets annoying to wait for our drink to cool down before we can start enjoying it.

Just like other Keurig machines, you’re able to just get hot water from your machine, which is a nice feature that makes your life easier every now and then. 

The auto-on feature which we are used to see on other Keurig machines is also included in this machine. If you aren’t familiar with this feature, please note that this will only heat your machine up to make it ready for the brewing process, but won’t start the brewing process automatically.

Ease of use

Pod coffee makers are popular for one exact reason, and that is ease of use.

Keurig K-Elite is no exception here, as all you have to do to brew a cup of coffee is to insert a coffee pod, and press the button which corresponds to the serving size you’d like to choose.

For iced coffee, the brewing process will start as soon as you hit the iced button, so make sure that you have your cup ready before you hit the button.

Serving sizes

Keurig K-Elite offers five different serving sizes, which are:

  • 4oz
  • 6oz
  • 8oz
  • 10oz
  • 12oz

The iced coffee setting is exempt from these serving sizes, and requires a 16oz cup filled with ice.


Keurig K-Elite comes in at 33*25.4*32.25 cm for height, width, and depth respectively, which is fairly compact. 

That being said, it’s still as big as the full blown coffee machines on our list despite being a pod coffee maker, so don’t be fooled by thinking that a pod coffee machine would naturally be smaller than a regular one.

We were pleased with the quality of this machine, as there is not a lot that can go wrong with a pod coffee maker since these machines are pretty self-contained without any extra parts which could be prone to damage.

There isn’t any short-term cleaning to be done with this machine, as all you have to do is to throw away the pod that you used.


Keurig K-Elite is definitely a step up from most pod coffee makers, which shows us that it’s possible for a pod coffee machine to have more features without jeopardizing the ease of use which is the reason that makes these machines popular to begin with.

While we believe that the ease of use which comes with these machines in general don’t really justify the expensive price of coffee pods, Keurig K-Elite will make dedicated pod coffee lovers very happy.


Smart start feature
Different brewing modes
No cleaning required


Coffee pods are expensive

Choosing the Best Iced Coffee Machine

Choosing the best iced coffee machine can be hard, with so many different options offering different feature sets. It’s very easy to get lost between choices and not being able to commit to one of the products.

We broke down the key factors which could make a certain coffee maker different from another one, so that you could find the product to suit your needs.


Features are the bread and butter of a coffee machine, as they define what a machine can or cannot do. 

Looking at the features of a coffee maker is the most important thing before committing, as choosing a coffee maker with more features that you actually use would be a waste of money, and choosing a coffee maker which doesn’t possess the features you’re looking for would be a huge disappointment.


To start off, let’s talk about brewing. 

When it comes to brewing coffee, there are a lot of variables which will directly impact the taste of your drink, so it’s important to choose a coffee machine which can provide a brew that is suited for you.


Different machines provide different coffee brewing methods, which is the primary factor that determines how your coffee will turn out. 

Usually the decision will be between espresso and drip coffee machines, with some machines being able to brew both.

This is a really important thing to look for, as you may love espresso but not enjoy drip coffee as much, and being stuck with a drip coffee machine in that scenario would be a nightmare.


Being able to adjust the strength of the brew is a feature to always look for, as you may not be pleased with the default strength of the machine. 

Luckily, most coffee machines nowadays offer at least two different coffee strengths, which allows some degree of customization.

If you are someone who enjoys coffee drinks, make sure that the coffee machine you’re buying has a strength setting which produces highly concentrated coffee to serve as a base for your coffee drink. 


Temperature control is an underrated feature, and it’s a feature we really would like to see in more coffee machines.

Changing the temperature plays a key role in both how the brew turns out, and in ensuring that the end product is the right temperature for your preference.

Coupled with being able to adjust the strength of your coffee, there is a lot of room for customization which will completely transform your drink.

Quality of life

These features won’t directly impact how your coffee turns out, but they will improve your experience by providing things that will make it a lot more enjoyable to use your coffee maker. 

Timer & Auto start

Early mornings? You will definitely need this.

This nifty feature will automatically brew your coffee on the selected time, so that you can enjoy your coffee as soon as possible.

Most coffee makers have this feature nowadays, but it wouldn’t hurt to make sure of it.


Grinding coffee beans every single day can prove to be a bit too much of a hassle, but giving up the feeling of enjoying freshly ground coffee isn’t easy either.

Coffee machines with integrated grinders eliminate the hassle (and the need for an external coffee grinder), but usually come with an increased price tag.


If you’re planning to use your coffee maker to prepare milk based coffee drinks, a frother is definitely something to look for.

Having an integrated frother makes life very easy, as having a separate milk frother just takes a lot of unnecessary space.

There’s also a good chance that buying a milk frother will end up being more expensive than just buying a coffee machine with an integrated one.

Ease of use

Having to read through pages and pages of a manual just to brew a cup of coffee might frustrate you to the point that you never want to touch your coffee maker again, and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

Ensuring that the machine you’re planning to buy is easy to use is just as important as its features, as those features wouldn’t be worth much if you never got to be able to use them.

A quick way to figure out if a machine will be easy to use is by looking over the features the machine has, and then see if the interface has corresponding buttons or dials for the aforementioned features.

The coffee machine you’re planning to buy has adjustable coffee strength as a feature, and you can clearly see icons or labels which relate to coffee strength in some way? That’s as easy as it gets.

On the flip side, coffee strength is advertised but there are only 3 buttons on the panel and none of them resemble anything to do with coffee strength? You will most likely need the manual.

In a well designed user experience, you will find that the more advanced features which won’t be required for daily use will be hidden behind button combinations (which will require the help of the manual), and the daily use features will be reachable with the press of a button.

Serving sizes

Most coffee machines have plenty of pre-defined serving sizes to choose from (or allow you to manually stop the brewing process once desired amount of coffee is brewed), so this shouldn’t be an issue for the most part.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to double check, as you don’t want to be locked into a smaller or larger serving size than you need.

You can find which serving size corresponds to how much coffee by checking the manual of the coffee maker (you can find this on the manufacturer’s website) you’re intending to buy.


The build of the coffee machine is one factor that we are unable to experience first hand without actually buying the product, and the primary cause of trouble most of the time.

That being said, the trouble can most likely be avoided by careful and in-depth research.


It’s always a good idea to measure your kitchen space and compare it to the dimensions of the coffee machine before buying.

You can easily find the dimensions of the machine by looking at the product page online.


You won’t have a trouble when it comes to build quality with most reputable brands.

That being said, a good way to ensure that you’re getting a quality product is to check reviews on the internet.

If there is a glaring flaw with the product, you’ll easily be able to tell by the amount of reviews which mention the same issue. It’s always better to stay on the safe side when it comes to this, as your machine breaking down is a big headache that you don’t really want to deal with.


Maintaining your machine is essential if you want to be able to use your machine for long amounts of time.

For the most part, maintenance refers to keeping your machine and its components clean. You’ll find that most coffee machines have different requirements when it comes to this.

For instance, some coffee machines may have components that aren’t dishwasher safe, which means that you would eventually have to wash these components by hand. If you feel like this is too much of a hassle, you should instead go for a machine with completely dishwasher safe components.

You can also find information related to maintenance in the manual of the coffee machine you’ve selected.


The final factor when it comes to choosing the best iced coffee machine for yourself is price.

More expensive doesn’t always mean better, and budget products don’t necessarily have to be low quality. In fact, there will be plenty of times that a cheaper coffee machine might be suited better to your needs than the expensive one.

For this reason, you should never use price as a benchmark to determine whether a coffee machine is good or bad. A good strategy is to find multiple coffee machines which check all the boxes for the factors you are looking for, and then compare their prices.

If you’ve done your research right, you’ll save yourself some money without losing anything in terms of features or quality.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use my iced coffee brewer to brew hot coffee?


An iced coffee machine is just a regular coffee machine with a special mode for brewing iced coffee.

Is iced coffee the same thing as cold brew?


Iced coffee is just concentrated hot coffee, cooled down with the help of ice.

Cold brew is a completely brewing different technique where coffee beans are soaked in cold water for long amounts of time in order to extract the flavor. Hot water isn’t used at all in cold brew.

Can I prepare cold brew with my iced coffee maker?


The brewing process of cold brew is completely different than what an iced coffee maker offers. 

That being said, there are cold brew coffee makers which are designed specifically for cold brew.

What makes an iced coffee machine different than a regular coffee machine?

Iced coffee machines feature a mode for the specific purpose of preparing iced coffee.

These modes produce a more concentrated coffee output with less water, in order to leave room for the water which comes from the ice.

Other than this, an iced coffee machine works just the same as a regular coffee machine.


We really enjoyed reviewing iced coffee makers for you, and we would be very happy if we helped you find the iced coffee machine of your dreams.

It’s no easy task to commit to a product when there are so many alternatives, but we hope that we managed to shed some light on the process of choosing the best iced coffee machine for your own preferences.

Being able to prepare your own iced coffee at home is indeed a great and refreshing feeling, especially when the heat is too much to handle.

Have a great summer and plenty of iced coffee!